There’s an App for That!

These days our phones are more than a phone: they are a high-powered computer we carry in our pockets. They, along with other mobile devices, have revolutionized how we live, particularly with apps to help us navigate our daily lives. Today the Liv North Scottsdale Blog is sharing some of our favorite apps with members of our Arizona apartment community. 

In the Kitchen 

Gormaya Food & Drink Apps

From substitutions to conversions to baking times, Gormaya has you covered with their easy-to-use apps. Need to know what to substitute when you’re out of oil? How long should you boil potatoes? These apps have the answer. Give them a try. 

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

We also love this Allrecipes Dinner Spinner. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an app that could just scan what you already have and then make a shopping list of what you need for your recipe? Thankfully, someone had an idea. Just scan the barcodes of what you’ve already got and you’re ready to get the rest.

Staying Organized 


An easy-to-use app that helps you remember when everything is due. Add to-do items quickly and the app will remind you to get it done — multiple times if necessary. It’s customizable too, with just a few taps. Check it out. 


Do you keep a to-read list? Let pocket help you organize all the things you want to read/view. Save articles, videos, stories, etc. from online publications, pages, and apps. “Save content from everywhere.” 

For Your Finances 


Venmo is a handy app for moving your money around without carrying cash. Send or receive money with a few simple taps. All it takes to set up is a phone number or email. Sending money is free with a variety of payment methods. Find out more about Venmo today. 


Sometimes you just need to split up the expenses in a group venture, and it can get tricky trying to remember who owes whom how much — enter Splitwise, an adaptive app that keeps track of it all down to the penny. It’s free to use and is compatible via the web, iPhone, and Android. 

What apps do you use every day that help you save time and money? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post today.

 a person holding a smartphone with a food planning app open on it.