Water Games to Keep You Cool in Sunny Arizona

Summer is heating things up here in Arizona, and today the Liv North Scottsdale Blog has some more ideas to help you cool things down, including some water-themed games to play outdoors. So the next time you need to head out of your apartment, remember these tips.


Keep Your Cool

  • Drink water. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your core temperature where it’s supposed to be. Drink enough water to avoid getting thirsty and stay hydrated. Use a refillable water bottle and keep it with you.

  • Dress for coolness. Choose loose-fitting, light-colored, lightweight clothing to assist with your endeavors to stay cool. Natural fabrics that breathe let the heat out; think cotton and linen, and stay away from synthetics.

  • Wear a hat. It’s amazing what a little shade can do, and a hat or an umbrella is a good way to keep the sun’s rays away. No need to get a sunburn.

Water- Based Games


Water Balloon Relay

Fill up lots of small water balloons and have fun with a water balloon relay. This game is perfect for a large group of people. Make two or more teams and create obstacles. Some obstacles could be to swing a water balloon to your teammates with a towel or toss underhand from a certain distance. Have a team member at the end of the relay with a basket on their heads to fill up with water balloons. After a certain period of time, whoever has the most balloons in their basket wins.


Sponge Ball Toss

This is a great game to play with people of every age. You can make sponge balls at your home in just a few easy steps. You’ll need plain sponges (4 sponges per ball), scissors, and rubber bands. Cut the sponges into three strips (going the longer direction). Then, layer the strips with six on top of the other six. Lastly, wrap the strips together with a rubber band around the middle of the stacks. Pull the strips out and apart to create a full star shape. You can use these sponges for dodgeball or simply to toss around with kids.


DIY Slip and Slide

Slip and slides are great to have for a fun summertime barbecue with family and friends. We have a great DIY project for the perfect slip and slide. To make this, you’ll need 3M Plastic Roll, 8 pool noodles, gorilla double-sided tape, a sprinkler, a 2x4, and metal stakes. The noodles serve as bumpers on the edges of the slide and a good way to keep the water on the plastic. The 2x4 will help to keep the slide from ripping or getting pulled up as people run and slide. Make sure you have permission to use the slip and slide in your desired location. Remember to also use good judgment to avoid injuries. Stay safe and have a great time!


We hope you enjoy some water-themed outdoor games this summer! Thanks for reading today’s post.

Liv North Scottsdale Blog, AZ Apartments  Beat the heat with some water-themed games this month! Plus we've got some tips for keeping your cool when temperatures soar.